The figure shows thematic areas of the NRP 73 research projects clustered according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). --> Thalmann Ecological footprint in the housing sector Kytzia Co-evolution of business strategies Building & Construction Maibach Decarbonisation of the transport sector Wäger Post-fossil cities Cities & Mobility <--Stucki circular economy Start--> Stucki Resource efficiency in Swiss hospitals <--Stucki circular economy Start--> <--Frankenberger circular economy Start--> Frankenberger Laboratory for circular economy <--Frankenberger circular economy End--> <--Hoffmann circular economy Start--> Hoffmann Towards a sustainable circular economy <--Truffer circular economy Start--> Truffer Modular water infrastructures <--Truffer circular economy End--> Circular economy Noailly Financing clean tech Rochet Sustainable finance Finance Seele Sustainable public procurement Schader Enhancing supply chain sustainability Mutel Open assess- ment of Swiss economy & society Supply Chain Schubert Sustainable consumer behaviour Schmitz Nudging SMEs Czellar The influence of environmental identities Blumer Extenting the the lifespan of mobile devices Binder Rebound effects of the sharing economy Sustainable behaviour Sustainable Behaviour Heselhaus Legal framework for a resource- efficient circular economy Weder Green labour market effects Francois Switzerland’s sustainability footprint Bürgi Sustainable trade relations for diversified food systems Bernauer Voluntary corporate environmental initiatives Governance --> Thürig Ecosystem services in forests Schulz Trade-offs in forests Olschewski Insurance values of forest ecosystems Forestry Mathys Impact of Swiss food consumption & trade Nemecek Interaction of economy and ecology in Swiss farms Finger Digital innovations for sustainable agriculture --> Agriculture & Food